EXPOmatic |heritage

  • broaden your audience
  • show what is in your depot
  • show it in your venue or someone else’s
  • easily educate your audience by making your own quiz
  • be on the forefront with up to date posts form your social media sources
  • gauge your audience with polls

EXPOmatic shows your collection dynamically through search criteria as subject, year, geolocation. Visitors can particapate on screen and their own phone.

Depot items are made visible where you find it appropriate, when and how you like it. Visitors can browse on on their phones and at home and maybe even add to knowledge by crowdsourcing.

Show your existing social media content so you’re showing always up to date information.

EXPOmatic gives you the opportunity to share any content on screen on the spot with your visitors. EXPOmatic enables any visitor to receive the information on their own smartphone or email, right there and then.

From public screen to personal phone: see, click, like, retweet, share!

EXPOmatic can connect to all major archiving systems.

Cloudbased self service service will save you time and costs


Moving cards floating across an attractive background showing up-to-date pictures, recent tweets and catchy videos


Let vistors discover your depot, read ancient documents, find moving images from the good old days, play a entertaining quiz or ask them what they think of your current exhibition or what they would like to see next!


Take it home, respond on the spot or read it back home. Get likes on Facebook, give a discount voucher or invite for the next exhibition!