Got an exhibition coming up? Want to go paperless? Want to share video’s and flyers?

EXPOmatic shows a continuous, instant mix of your social media in text, images and video on events, congresses or exhibitions.

EXPOmatic supports most popular social media and through Dropbox you can show and share any document with your visitors.

EXPOmatic gives you the opportunity to share any content on screen on the spot with your visitors. Visitors can scan the screen and get that content on their own smartphone, right there and then: your digital goodie bag. You receive their email and can put out a more detailed follow-up because you know what their interests are.

Keep your social media current and your presentation is always up-to-date.

From public screen to personal phone: see, scan, like & share!

  • Attendees
  • Speakers: show videos, show their resume
  • Schedule
  • Map & Route
  • Social media: of your organisation and attendees
  • Digital goodiebag

You can do this at your own stand.

If you are an organiser of events, we can provide all attendees with a basic goodiebag or expand it to a luxurious interactive experience, fitting your attendee.

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