VidiNexus EXPOmatic: attract, engage, connect!

VidiNexus provides museums, events, offices and shops with interactive screens, lights and action to enhance your visitor’s journey. Our goal is to help you make sure your visitor feels welcome and taken care of.

To make this easy and always up to date, VidiNexus gathers your content from various online platforms based on your location, target group, or specific event, and streams it on an interactive social screen.

Visitors can get any content from screen directly on their phone or by email, to see, scan and share! 

We can supply you with any form, shape or idea. What about a screen in wood? What ever fits your venue, your visitors and your purpose. Check out these examples with a huge, life size screen, or that small one with charging capabilities, super handy when your visitor needs an energy boost

An enrichment for our museum!

Historische Vereniging Hardenberg

Visitors can scan the interactive screen touchless, in a single move with their phone and take it home, or receive a virtual goodie bag with vouchers, pdfs, videos on their phone…,No app is needed, all smartphones & email supported.

VidiNexus can integrate your existing processes and software in our platform to enhance any visitor’s journey. What about indoor navigation and have the building lead your visitors, smart access control or parcel delivery solutions? Let us know your challenges and let us surpass your expectations!

Our products are available by license and full service and support on hardware and software. 

If you need it you will find full statistics on usage of the content. 

Contact us now and see what we can do for you!