We quickly realized through our experience with our existing customers that we could actually make sure that the visitors were accompanied thoroughly in their journey. With our mission being as helpful as possible, we figured out we could make the EXPOmatic even more complete, by adding one or several miniEXPO’s on location.

The EXPOmatic serves its purpose prominently, it is highly visible and it stands out. The miniEXPO is a more subtle way to reach out to your visitors, where they don’t really expect it, but will be pleased to find it.

With the miniEXPO, your visitor can take a break, sit down, relax and reload their mobile phone. While using the miniEXPO they gather information about your venue/event: where to go next? What’s on your social media? What nearly made it but still in the archives? When is the next event? You can communicate everything you want, while your visitor enjoys a drink or a tasty lunch.

The miniEXPO works on the same principle as the EXPOmatic, but is smaller in size.
You can place it on tables or on a countertop.
The miniEXPO has the following features:

  • Double screen with independent use of the screen
  • Possibility to reload up to 6 smartphones
  • The miniEXPO is a great addition to an existing EXPOmatic, but can also be used standalone

For a better visitor’s journey we advise combining EXPOmatic and multiple miniEXPO’s.

Contact us and we will provide you with the best strategy for your location.