EXPOmatic shows your collection on a touch screen. Items from the current exhibition or, normally hidden, from your depot.
Visitors can watch and join on the public screen or their own smartphone.
Visitors can take their own curated, virtual collection home and even, if you want to, enrich items by crowd sourcing.

  • Current Exposition
  • In Storage
  • Future or past expositions
  • Map & route
  • Practical information
  • Social media
  • Paperless goodiebag

We can integrate wayfinding, lighting and connect the virtual presentation with your physical exhibition. Visitors can learn more about a work of art or historical piece by just scanning the object. We create seamless portals between the virtuality and reality.

With the MiniEXPO, your visitor can take a break, sit down, relax and reload their mobile phone. While using the MiniEXPO they gather information about your venue/event: where to go next? What’s on your social media? What nearly made it but still in the archives? When is the next event? You can communicate everything you want, while your visitor enjoys a drink or a tasty lunch.